Spa Therapist works in a spa setting such as day spa, resort spa, medi-spa. Their main responsibility is to deliver spa treatments and techniques such as massage, body scrubs, body wraps, therapeutic baths.

Spa Therapists provide a range of therapeutic massages, beauty treatments, and wellness therapies to spa guests based on their needs and preferences. They are employed by day-spas, hotels, and resorts.

Various Paths To Follow

Path 1

  • 10th
  • Certifica…
  • Work in a…

Path 2

  • 10th/ 12t…
  • Diploma i…
  • Work in a…

Path 3

  • 10th
  • National …
  • Work in S…

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Min SalaryMax Salary
Entry Level36 Thousands96 Thousands
Middle Level96 Thousands1.80 Lakhs
Senior Level1.80 Lakhs3 Lakhs

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