As a Painter, you will be applying paint and varnish coats to surfaces of wood, fabrics, glass, rubber, cement, wax, ceramics, jewellery, stone, metal, fibres, plastic etc. during the process of manufacture of any finished industrial product, or on signages / banners, or to exterior and interior walls of Buildings.

You will need to select paint materials, mix them in appropriate proportions of paint, oil, thinner, drying substances, etc. You will also need to clean the surfaces from dirt, grease etc. or clean cracks or holes on the surfaces before applying Paint.

Various Paths To Follow

Path 1

  • 5th
  • Professio‚Ķ

Path 2

  • 8th
  • NSQF

Path 3

  • 10th
  • NSQF

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Salary Growth In India

Min SalaryMax Salary
Entry Level72 Thousands2.40 Lakhs
Middle Level2.40 Lakhs30 Lakhs
Senior Level30 Lakhs60 Lakhs

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