A cashier is a person who works in a retail store, supermarket, or other business, and is responsible for handling financial transactions with customers. The main duties of a cashier include processing customer purchases, accepting payments, making change, and providing receipts. Cashiers may also be responsible for counting and balancing the cash drawer at the beginning and end of their shift, and may need to handle returns, exchanges, and refunds.

The definition of a cashier is a person who works at a store or other business who takes money, makes change, issues receipts and otherwise helps to facilitate customer transactions. A person hired to collect and keep a record of customers' payments, as in a store.

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  • 10th
  • NSQF/Cert…
  • Practical…

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  • 10th
  • Certifica…
  • Practical…

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  • 12th with…
  • Bachelor'…
  • Certifica…

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